To protect our staff and future guests, The Rockwell All-Suite Hotel & Apartments, along with our Dinner Theater, will be closing its doors from the 26th of March till the 16th of April, complying with the nationwide SA Lock down.
While we may not be on-site, our team is still available to answer queries, confirm future reservations, and make amendments to your future bookings. Additionally our team remains dedicated to maintaining the highest level of hygiene standards at home and in our hotel. Before, throughout, and after the lock down. Stay Safe, and let’s all strive to #flattenthecurve

Safety & Security in Cape Town

The Mother City is world renowned for its unique, natural beauty and culture – it’s a very sought-after location for travel and it is easy to see why.

On the other hand, it’s no secret that South Africa has a bad reputation to some due to the media’s portrayal being one of danger and violence. And the influx of violent crime stories over the last few months reaching viewers from all over the world does not help the situation. A sense of unsettlement and apprehension both with travellers and locals has arisen as a result.

The reality? Crime does exist here, like in all other cities around the world. However, while there have been a few random acts of violence lately that could not have been avoided, it is our firm belief that as long as you are vigilant, sensible and responsible, you should run into little problem during your stay in our beautiful city! Additionally, inside the Rockwell Hotel you will be treated as family, and will be as safe as ever.

If you are on the fence about coming to Cape Town for a visit, we’d like to help ease your minds a little more with our list of ways to stay safe during your stay:

  1. Know which areas are for tourists, and do not travel outside of these areas without a guide.
    1. Areas to stick to within the city bowl: V&A Waterfront, Camps Bay, Sea Point, Green Point & Kloof Street.
  2. Do not keep any high-value goods in plain sight while you are out for a walk or while your car is parked.
  3. Purchase a travel card loaded with a certain amount of funds on it before you begin your travels to South Africa. Doing this can ensure you are not subject to any credit card fraud.
  4. Do not walk around at night time, especially if you are on your own.
  5. Do not use taxis, as you cannot always be sure these taxis are legitimate. We would recommend using UBER to get around safely, or to hire a car.
  6. Try to use parking garages whenever possible rather than leaving your car out on the street.
  7. Do not let anyone ‘help’ you use an ATM. This will likely be someone trying to scam you.
  8. Limit the amount of cash you carry on your person while you are out and about.
  9. After a night of dancing or a fancy dinner, be extra cautious if under the influence as your defences are lowered.
  10. Find an accredited tour guide.

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