To protect our staff and future guests, The Rockwell All-Suite Hotel & Apartments, along with our Dinner Theater, will be closing its doors from the 26th of March till the 16th of April, complying with the nationwide SA Lock down.
While we may not be on-site, our team is still available to answer queries, confirm future reservations, and make amendments to your future bookings. Additionally our team remains dedicated to maintaining the highest level of hygiene standards at home and in our hotel. Before, throughout, and after the lock down. Stay Safe, and let’s all strive to #flattenthecurve

Water Conscious Hotel

Whilst we’re not about to commission our staff to cover a two-minute medley of the current top 40 hits to time your shower - for the sake of all of our ears, we do urge you to remain conscious of our current water shortage during your stay at The Rockwell.

Reduced pressure and water outages have been implemented across the Western Cape. Mayor Patricia De Lille has declared that taps will be turned off if the usable supply hits 13%, and since rain is only forecast for next March, we’d really like to avoid having to rinse the smelly bits with rationed Valpre for the next three months.

Water Conscious Hotel in Cape Town

The Rockwell is doing our own bit to help: We’ve removed bath plugs, switched off washing machines, reduced the water pressure scheduled laundry to just once or twice weekly and forgone dual flushing options.

Please switch the taps off when brushing your teeth or soaping your hands - we think this one should be a permanent, global implementation. Reuse your towels, we realise that damp drying may not be ideal, but nor is drought. Hang them up and hope for the best come your next clean.

We appreciate your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rockwell Hotel.

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