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Tapas-Style Eating & Why You Need it in Your Life!

It may have originated in Spain, but tapas-style eating has become a giant trend throughout restaurants worldwide. And if you’ve ever tried them, you know why!

Every Tuesday at the Rockwell Café & Bar, we’re offering 2 for 1 Tapas from 12pm until 6pm, so we thought a fun way to kick off this new special would be to let you in on a few fun facts about this special Spanish way of life!

Check out our fun facts below & pop us a comment if there is anything cool we’ve missed!


Tapas are not always tiny:

You may have ordered tapas at a restaurant that served beautifully crafted pieces of food art that are devoured in no more than a bite or two. Well, friends, we are here to let you in on a little secret: not all tapas are small! In Spain, a larger tapa is known as a ración.

Tapas are not starters:

If you start with tapas, you are meant to finish with tapas! In Spain, tapas are a style of eating and plating food – usually finger-type foods to be shared, not simply to be devoured before another meal.

Tapas are meant to be served with alcohol:

No matter what your drink of choice is, it’s meant to be had alongside your favourite tapas!

The word ‘tapas’ comes from the Spanish verb, ‘tapar’:

The Spanish word ‘tapar’ translates literally to ‘to cover’. Originally, tapas were used to cover the tops of drinks to protect them from flies. From that day forward, the Spanish tradition of having finger foods with drinks began.

There is a Spanish verb for the act of ‘going out to eat tapas’:

Yep! The word ‘tapear’ means ‘to go and eat tapas’.


So, have we peaked your interest? Stop by the Rockwell Café & Bar every Tuesday from 12pm until 6pm for half price tapas – perfect for your next date night! And don’t forget to check out our menu here!

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