The Rockwell Cafe & Bar

The Rockwell Café & Bar is a mix of lux & pure comfort with a touch of modern pazzazz. The modern menu, coupled with each dish’s meticulous presentation, will leave mouths watering long after the last bite. From breakfast to lunch to dinner to room service & anything in between – all are delectable options. Private dining, a’ la Rockwell Private Chef-Style, in the confines of your apartment is a must for all romantics & those just not up for the cooking experience!

The newly created Urban Garden offers an escape from the buzz-iness of the city & a taste for dry palates - with the latest & greatest cocktails, coffees & drinks being whipped up, shaken & stirred.

Outdoor entertaining is a must on those Summer days …with the sounds of jazz & blues floating off the pure white baby grand piano. Live entertainment is a regular feature starting the mood for many a weekend.

And just when you thought the entertaining could come to an end The Poetry Wine Tasting & Food Pairing Corner offers you a first-hand chance to taste the palate-pleasing blends & combinations. It’s a path of discovering the right mix - exploring the tastes and smells of delicious cuisine & award-winning wine.

The Poetry range is about the essence of the grape - openly honest and precise. Good poetry requires the perfect juxtaposition of words, and even syllables, to illuminate a moment, an emotion and even a dream.

All the views, luxury and cocktails you would expect from a 4 Star Hotel in Cape Town.

Rockwell Hotel Bar
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