To protect our staff and future guests, The Rockwell All-Suite Hotel & Apartments, along with our Dinner Theater, will be closing its doors from the 26th of March till the 16th of April, complying with the nationwide SA Lock down.
While we may not be on-site, our team is still available to answer queries, confirm future reservations, and make amendments to your future bookings. Additionally our team remains dedicated to maintaining the highest level of hygiene standards at home and in our hotel. Before, throughout, and after the lock down. Stay Safe, and let’s all strive to #flattenthecurve

Midweek Gifts

We come bearing midweek gifts!

After dropping the Neighbourly Love @ The Rockwell Hotel bombshell on you a few weeks ago and then disappearing off the face of the earth, we can all agree that it’s been worth it!

The Rockwell is pleased to offer all of our neighbours (within a 3km radius) a loyalty card that presents an array of discounts within our hotel, including beverages, food, accommodation and theatre treats. Drop in for your early morning coffee or that business lunch that goes on just a little too long.

Our current offers include:

  • • 10% off food and beverages at our Café & Bar
  • • 10% off accommodation at the Rockwell Hotel
  • • 10% off our conferencing packages at the Rockwell Hotel
  • • 10% off Rockwell Diner Theater tickets

Score a free cappuccino upon collection of your Neighbourly Love loyalty card.

On top of that, you’ll receive a free non-alcoholic beverage after every 9 purchased, just remember to have your card stamped upon payment.

*Infomercial voice* That’s not all! You will also have access to further discounted rates for both business and personal use because we like you a lot and want to make your days just that little bit brighter, #neighbourlylove and all that.

If you’ve yet to receive your loyalty card, simply fill out this form and collect it from the hotel restaurant or front desk. You’ll find all terms and conditions there too.

Email Kayleigh Ellingson at or call 021 421 0015 for more information.

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Now that all of the technical bits are out of the way, we really do urge you to join in with our community at The Rockwell and have that little bit of extra love rub off on everyone around you!

All our love,

The Rockwell Team


Receive more insight into current and future benefits, competitions and services.
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