To protect our staff and future guests, The Rockwell All-Suite Hotel & Apartments, along with our Dinner Theater, will be closing its doors from the 26th of March till the 16th of April, complying with the nationwide SA Lock down.
While we may not be on-site, our team is still available to answer queries, confirm future reservations, and make amendments to your future bookings. Additionally our team remains dedicated to maintaining the highest level of hygiene standards at home and in our hotel. Before, throughout, and after the lock down. Stay Safe, and let’s all strive to #flattenthecurve

How We’re Defeating Day Zero

Defeating Day Zero

It should come as no surprise that Cape Town is running out of water! We officially moved into 6b water restrictions quite some time ago now, and although #DayZero has been moved to 2019, the way in which we help save water is still as important as ever.

We’re passionate about doing our part, and urge all our guests to be as water-wise as possible during their stay as well.

Here’s how we’re doing our part to defeat Day Zero.

  1. We have removed all the bath plugs to ensure no excess water is used.
  2. We have put up signs to encourage all our guests to have a short shower and provided water saving tips.
  3. All our luxury apartment suites are equipped with washing machines, however during the current water crisis we have opted to switch all the machines off.
  4. Water pressure throughout the hotel has been reduced.
  5. Linen laundry has been reduced to twice weekly, as opposed to daily for long stay guests.
  6. All toilets throughout the hotel are equipped with dual flushing options. We recommend using the light flushing option where possible.
  7. We have installed aerators into our taps to further reduce water wastage.
  8. We have replaced hand soap with hand sanitizer in our restaurant and lobby bathrooms.

Do you have any more tips for saving water?