ApartHotel: Why Choose this over an Airbnb

We’ve all heard of them, the business that started by a few young men moving from New York City to San Francisco who purchased a few air mattresses and set up a website offering travellers a place to sleep with breakfast the next morning. While this innovative concept has turned into a popular website and…

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Cape Town Sporting Events to go to This Year

We may not all be prestigious, world-class athletes or spend all of our spare time at the gym, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all love a little exercise action, especially when they take place at a wine farm! We’ve put together a list of some exciting, fun, family-friendly (for the most part!) sporting events…

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10 Steps to Becoming a Travel Blogger

The appeal to work in the digital space, or better yet, to find jobs that can be done remotely has become increasingly popular, especially over the last year or so. With the business and craziness of everyday life in the modern world, we’re noticing that people crave flexibility and a balanced lifestyle now more than…

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Why Cape Town is the Best City in the World

As Capetonians, we could not agree more when we hear others speak so highly of our beloved Mother City! With stunning white sandy beaches on one side of the mountain and luxurious rolling hills filled with delicious wine grapes on the other, there is never a dull moment in Cape Town. This year, for the…

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Cape Town: The City of Business Opportunities

The fact is simple: if you live in South Africa and have ambitions to start a business, Cape Town is the place to be!   The World Bank recently announced that when compared with all major metros in Southern Africa, Cape Town was ranked the number one for ease of doing business. Thus, if the…

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rockwell cellars

Opened vs unopened wine – How long will it last?

How long will my wine last? Wine tasting has to be one of the absolute favorite past times of anyone living in Cape Town, as well as an amazing experience for anyone visiting Cape Town. They are just absolutely blown away by the amount of drop dead gorgeous wine farms and cellars (similar to our…

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Cape Town drought update

The Cape Town Drought Is Over- Great news for tourists!

Cape Town: More Water, More Visitors! For Capetonians, it goes without saying that the last year or so has been quite tough with the severe drought and resulting water restrictions. However, the rain has fallen and our dams are at record high numbers. So bring on the tourists. The City of Cape Town officially announced…

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