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The Cape Town Drought Is Over- Great news for tourists!

Cape Town drought update

Cape Town: More Water, More Visitors!

For Capetonians, it goes without saying that the last year or so has been quite tough with the severe drought and resulting water restrictions.

However, the rain has fallen and our dams are at record high numbers. So bring on the tourists.

The City of Cape Town officially announced last week that water restrictions and the corresponding tariffs in the Cape Town region have been lowered. And of course, we rejoiced! Water restrictions have now been relaxed from level 6b back down to a level 5.

What exactly does this all mean?

The four major differences between level 6b and 5 are:

  1. Consumers can now each use 70 litres of water per day, as opposed to 50 litres per day
  2. The daily usage targets for the city as a whole has been relaxed to 500 million litres per day, as opposed to 450 million litres
  3. Businesses can now use 5% more water
  4. Municipal rates for water usage are set to fall between 25% and 70% depending on how much each consumer uses
  5. Tourists - You will not run out of water when you come to Cape Town.

Thanks to the amazing winter rainfall we received, it has been reported that collectively, Cape Town dam water levels have risen to the three-quarter mark at 75%. That’s double the amount of water we had this same time last year at only 37%. What’s even more exciting is that most major dams feeding the inner city with water are over or close to 90% full and Theewaterskloof Dam – our biggest dam in the region, holding a whoping 280 430 million cubic metres of water.

That being said, Cape Town is officially ready to welcome back tourists to our beautiful Mother City, just in time for Summer. So pack your bags and jump on a plane, Cape Town is where you should be.

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Cape Town Dam

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