The Rockwell Bar

The Rockwell Café & Bar is a mix of lux & pure comfort with a touch of modern pazzazz. The newly created bar is a sight for sore eyes & a taste for dry palates - with the latest & greatest cocktails, coffees & drinks being whipped up, shaken & stirred.

Outdoor entertaining is a must on those Summer days …with the sounds of jazz & blues floating off the pure white baby grand piano. Live entertainment is a regular feature starting the mood for many a weekend.

And just when you thought the entertaining could come to an end The Poetry Wine Tasting & Food Pairing Corner offers you a first-hand chance to taste the palatte-pleasing blends & combinations. It’s a path of discovering the right mix - exploring the tastes and smells of delicious cuisine & award-winning wine.

The Poetry range is about the essence of the grape - openly honest and precise. Good poetry requires the perfect juxtaposition of words, and even syllables, to illuminate a moment, an emotion and even a dream.

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All the views, luxury and cocktails you would expect from a 4 Star Hotel in Cape Town.