Why Now is The Time to Buy in Cape Town

Cape Town is the perfect example of a vibrant hub alive with culture, sounds, colors,
creativity and natural beauty. It only takes a simple stroll through the city’s streets for
future property owners to recognize Cape Town’s generous spirit and the effortless way
that the cities natural beauty seamlessly blends with its much coveted real-estate.

Cape Town is regarded as one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. The race
to own a slice of paradise these days however comes at a much sweeter price. The
current water crisis has turned Cape Town’s real estate market into a buyers market.
Now is the time for future investors to scoop up their own space of one of the most
vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the world, at a fraction of the typically high prices
associated with the Cape Town’s property market.
Paradise is made even more luxurious in the form of hotel apartments such as the ones
located in the Rockwell All Suite Hotel. The Rockwell’s apartments are conveniently
located in Cape Town’s trendy De Waterkant Village. The apartments are sophisticated,
ergonomically designed and consist of either one and two-bedroom apartments or
penthouse suites.

The choice to buy one of Rockwell All Suite Hotel’s apartments is a solid-gold
investment opportunity and deciding to keep it in the hotel pool comes with many
benefits. The Rockwell All Suite Hotel offers apartment owners the benefit of a
guaranteed fixed monthly rental income, 1-2-year contracts whilst ensuring there are no
risk tenants, no commissions payable and a consistent market growth.
Apartment living in general offers a secure, all-in-one lifestyle. Maintenance and service
of an apartment will generally be handled by a team, keeping your expenses low whilst
prospective capital income – both from a rental and a future sales point – high. There are
no grounds for you to tend to and your neighbors are more than likely tourists or fellow
professionals, resulting in a smaller amount of disturbance.
Hotel property purchases are typically a cash transaction, meaning no bond repayment.
Instead, a buy-to-let principle applies.

Buying in a hotel offers an array of benefits, from convenience to substantial amount of
extra income. International tourists are more likely to consider staying at a hotel
because it is less likely they will be scammed. Searching ‘Cape Town’ or ‘South Africa
accommodation’ on Airbnb is all good and well, but it doesn’t guarantee the certainty of
an established hotel residence.

Furthermore apartments, such as the ones offered by Rockwell grant owners access to
the hotels undercover parking, storage units, heated indoor pool, full service gym, dining
facilities all without apartment owners needing to go anywhere, conveniently saving on
travel time. Apartment owners also have the added luxury of arranging for the hotel’s
housekeeping to clean their apartment and do their laundry. Parcels are accepted on
behalf of apartment owners at the hotels 24-hour reception desk- no more arranging for
someone to be home at 11:23am to meet the courier. Luxury is typically a no brainer,
especially in modern hotels, offering a visually attractive uniform look throughout the

Hotels, such as The Rockwell, grant apartment owners easy access to professional and
recreational ventures. Whether you choose to buy a hotel apartment for investment
purposes or personal use, hotels such as the Rockwell family offers communal
interaction and most importantly, access to Cape Town at large.