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Buy in Cape Town

Why Now is The Time to Buy in Cape Town

The choice to purchase one of Rockwell All Suite Hotel’s apartments is a solid-gold investment opportunity and deciding to keep it in the hotel pool comes with many benefits.
Cape Town – The Hub For International Business Expos & Events

Cape Town – The Hub For International Business Expos & Events

Cape Town is one of Africa's favourite business conferencing and expos hubs with numerous international business events being held in Cape Town every year.

Fit & Fantastic with Cape Town’s 2018 Sporting Events

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or really committed to your resolutions, marathon and cycling season is just around the corner. We’ve decided to compile the top 5 bits of helpful information to get you through your event.
Rockwell Hotel Starting 2018 in Style

Starting 2018 In Style

Yes, we’re going full Gatsby this year, and we invite - nay, implore - you to join us! Utilise our hotel as your haven during this time.
Cape Malay Buffet Cape Town

Cape Malay 3 Course Lunch Buffet

Starting today, The Rockwell is hosting a daily Cape Malay 3-course lunch buffet from 12:30-15:00 until the 23rd of December.
Water Conscious Hotel in Cape Town

Water Conscious Hotel

Rockwell Hotel is doing its best to encourage guests to save water. Read our entry on being a Water Conscious Hotel in Cape Town.
December at The Rockwell Hotel

December at The Rockwell Hotel – 2017

Halloween has come and gone again. Costumes were impressive, music was live, entrance was free and if you missed out, you missed out!

Midweek Gifts

After dropping the Neighbourly Love @ The Rockwell Hotel bombshell on you a few weeks ago and then disappearing off the face of the earth, we can all agree that it’s been worth it!
We're Baaack

We’re baaack!

We’ve been AWOL for a week and we’re going to blame the weather, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

Hello world!

Are your admin staff your equivalent of Santa’s elves? Say thank you to them for keeping you on track at our Secretary’s Brunch for National Secretary’s Day on 6th September.