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The 2018 Whale Watching Season Is Here!

While South African wildlife is mostly known for the Big Five, we mustn’t forget just how impressive our marine world is too! Every year from around July until December, Cape Town locals and tourists alike are treated to an array of exciting sightings in the Whale Watching season that will not soon be forgotten.

Here is what you need to know before you head out on your next unforgettable whale watching trip:

  1. Which whales will you see?

Keep your eye out for Southern right whales, known for their slow speeds making them quite easy to spot! You should also be able to spot Humpback whales as well as Bryde’s whales.

  1. Where are the best spots to watch for whales?

Hermanus has been rated as one of the top 12 whale-watching locations in the world, so this little seaside town is not one to miss!

The False Bay coastline is another great choice, especially if you are wanting to stay closer to the city. Opt for spots with a higher vantage point such as Cape Point, Boyes Drive or Clarence Drive.

And finally, we’d also recommend Cape Agulhas where the chances of spotting a Southern Right whale are extremely high!

  1. What if I don’t only want to see whales by land?

In this case, we’d recommend heading out on a whale-watching boat cruise! Seeing these magnificent creatures up-close and personal is an entirely different experience.

Below we’ve listed a few to get you started:

  1. Shark & Safari
  2. Cape Point Route
  3. Simon’s Town Boat Company
  4. Dyer Island Cruises

Once you have planned out your whale watching trip, be sure to check out our self-catering accommodation that is perfect for the whole family to round off your whale watching holiday in Cape Town.